Our New Trucks



As we re-launch the company, one of the exciting aspects is the selection of a new fleet vehicle to represent the brand and build recognition. Our selection of the Nissan NV2500 represents a new direction in the Chicago marketplace.Royal Majestic Dry Cleaners & Laundry is the first to feature this unit for use in our industry.

The interior is very user friendly which improves driver comfort and reduces fatigue and poor judgment. Further, it provides a view of the surroundings which provides improved visibility for overall safety. The heavy duty frame allows even weight distribution and more efficient handling in all types of weather and traffic conditions. It is quite fuel efficient and features fewer maintenance issues which helps in cost containment.

The high cab design allows a route representative to stand fully upright inside the vehicle which facilitates ease of merchandise handling; allowing garments and textiles of any size and type to hang freely avoiding crushing and bunching. This ensures our hallmark “straight off the press” professional appearance and European Standards of quality.

Adequate floor space exists to avoid stacking and piling of flat folded goods (personal laundry (bachelor bundles); hand finished table cloths, bed linens, boxed shirts, etc.) and heirloom wedding gown boxes, which reduces clutter and torn, crumpled, and battered packaging during transit. This ensures our hallmark “Personal Valet service as one might expect at a 5 Starr Hotel or Resort!

Although possessing a powerful, responsive engine, it ranks at the top of class in the reduction of harmful emissions which benefits our environment; and compliments our staunch commitment toward eco-technologies since we are 1 of only 3 CERTIFIED GREEN dry cleaners in the Chicago area. This further reduces our carbon footprint-a major company initiative for us.

New branding and logos are bright, clean, crisp, professional and informative, without the old clutter and redundant banter of the old royal couple and winged shield and crown that had many confusing, and undesirable connotations. Further, QR codes on the back of the vehicle allow you to use your Smartphone to scan the image and be directed to our website for easy, secure sign-up and contact information and communication.

We are very pleased to be on yet another cutting edge in our very competitive business, and appreciate the opportunity to be of service to your family and our communities.



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